D810 Menu Reminder Listing:

Camera icon - (Shooting Menu):

Primary & Secondary slot selection > Select memory card to use

Image Quality: RAW etc.

Jpeg/Tiff Recording > image Size vs. Image Compression

NEF (RAW) recording > compression and bit-depth

Image area > FX vs DX

White Balance > options

Set Picture Control > options

Manage Picture Control > settings

Color Space > sRGB vs. AdobeRGB

Active "D" lighting > options

Vignette control > area options

Long Exposure Noise Reduction > on vs off

High ISO NR > on vs off

ISO sensitivity settings > Auto ISO or Manual selection of ISO

Pencil Icon - (Custom Settings Bank):

A Autofocus:

Focus point display > on vs off

Focus point illumination > options (on is best)

Built-in AF-assist illuminator > on vs off

B Metering/exposure:

EV steps for exposure ctrl > 1/3 vs 1/2 vs 1

Matrix metering > face detection > on vs off

Center-weighted area > size options

C Timers/AE lock:

Shutter-release button AE-L > lock exposure on press shutter half-way?

Standby timer (control panel) > options (I use 30 seconds)

Self-timer > important options for tripod work

Monitor off delay > options for displays remaining active

D Shooting display:

Beep > on vs off

CL (continuous low) > shooting speed options in frames per second

Exposure delay mode > delay in seconds after mirror is raised i.e. mirror up (Mup on Mode Dial) to reduce camera shake

Electronic front-curtain shutter > works in conjunction with Mup

Viewfinder grid display (to aid composition) > on vs off

LCD illumination > on (for night) vs off

E Bracketing/flash:

Modeling flash > reduce red eye

Wrench Icon - Setup Menu:

Format Memory Card > format yes or no

Monitor brightness > options

Clean image sensor > options

Auto image rotation for display

Copyright information > input your name

Virtual horizon > on vs off

AF (autofocus) fine-tune for adjusting front (near) and back (far) focusing errors

Firmware version and firmware update

For factory reset: Hold QUAL (quality button) and +/- (Exposure Compensation button) for more than two seconds.