This course lasts for about four hours over two consecutive Thursdays evenings. Check with Henley's Photography for the latest schedule.

The class starts at 6:00 pm at Henley's Photo, 2000 H Street, Bakersfield (661-324-9484). The class ends at approximately 8:00 pm depending upon the number of question from students. Following class, the instructor will help students with individual needs and provide individual attention for "problem cameras" that may have an undiscovered malfunction or improper menu setting.

In your Introduction to Photography class we will go beyond AUTO mode. Way beyond! Get ready, we are leaving AUTO behind!...


When you truly learn your camera, you will be ready for that "Kodak" moment.

When you complete the Introduction to Digital Photography course you will be ready.

Photograph of Moro Rock, Moro Bay, California

Photography can be fun, profitable, creative
and technically superior at the same time.

Fifth Avenue from the New York City Public Library

Nikon D810, Sigma 50mm, f/2, 1/50s, ISO: 64.

In the "Introduction to Digital Photography" class you
will learn about the "color managed workflow."

Topics that will be covered in the Introduction to Digital Photography class:

  • Lens field of view FOV in digital cameras
  • Image Composition
  • Image resolution for photographs and the Internet
  • The "Exposure Triangle" f/stop, shutter speed and ISO (sensor sensitivity)
  • Modern memory cards
  • Images can be taken in JPEG or RAW. What is RAW?
  • Use of color spaces and the "Color Managed Workflow"
  • Camera and lens anatomy
  • Histograms and why they are important for professional results
  • Metering (determines exposure)
  • Exposure Compensation (fine tuning exposure)
  • Dynamic range (white point, middle gray and white point)
  • White Balance...what it is and why it is very important.
  • Focusing and focus points
  • JPEG Presets (scene modes and menu options)
  • Camera modes (other than automatic)
  • And much more...

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