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One World Building NYC all photos by Ed Ruth Photo, Bakersfield, California 93301


The popular "Introduction to Digital Photography" photography class, instructed by award winning local photographer Ed Ruth author of The Digital Camera, Lens and Photoshop CC is provided on a monthly basis at Henley's Photography located at 2000 H Street, Bakersfield, California 93301, (661-324-9484).

This class is conducted during two consecutive Thursday evenings at 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The photography course cost $60 if you pay before class but $70 at the class. Pay for the course at Henley's. The "Introduction to Digital Photography" course will provide you with all the information you need to reach beyond AUTO mode into the realm of creative photography.

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One-to-One Classes:

Individualized or One-to-One instruction.... Individualized courses include: Introduction to Digital Photography (using your specific digital camera), Black & White Photography, Introduction to Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, DXO PhotoLab, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017, or Building a High-Performance Photographer's Computer. Individualized classes in other areas of photography or graphic arts can be arranged. To schedule a class or for additional information, contact me at: You may include up to three friends or family members in any One-to-One class. One-to-One instruction will be tailored to meet your individual needs. I can jumpstart your skills with easy to understand and practical training. You will be left with functional work-flow knowledge that you can use to great personal or professional advantage. One-to-One classes are always confidential. I do not disclose the name, profession, or personal information of my students to anyone. One-to-One classes are typically conducted at a local coffee shop but I do make housecalls as arranged.

If you need instruction in Lightroom, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Desktop Publishing using Adobe InDesign you have come to the right place. I can provide you with all the information you will need to be successful with those aspects of your job that deal with publishing and design.

Need to get up and running with digital photography today? Need to batch process images right NOW! email me at: A single One-to-One class will solve this problem!Your Instructor. A truly nice fellow! Ed Ruth has been teaching “Introduction to Digital Photography,” and "Introduction to Lightroom & Photoshop" courses, at Henley's Photography in Bakersfield for six years. See also: The Sigma SuperFan Contest

Your photography teacher wrote a book for the students in his classes:

The new 198 page, 96,000 word, PDF book The Digital Camera, Lens, and Photoshop CC is free for the phototeacher’s students and available at a modest price for those who cannot attend a class. This book covers many aspects of photography including exposure, luminance, depth of field, focusing, Photoshop CC, Camera Raw, composition, hyperfocal formula and the circle of confusion, lenses, and lens coatings to name a few. The book emphasizes image composition that emphasizes an image's subject of interest while preserving tonal values. Both JPEG and RAW are covered. Every button and dial on your camera is explained. White Balance and focus points are covered in depth. This is a secure website (https).

The camera is a tool and helping you select the best tool for the photographic work or play you have in mind is one purpose of this book. I also discuss composition, exposure, black & white photography, and other information useful to the mind behind the camera. Lastly, this book is not a textbook. Read this book as if it were an informal discussion. Relax and enjoy the technological revolution in photography. It is an ongoing process with surprises and innovations emerging continually. In fact, no contrivance of humanity links physics, applied technology, and art, as completely as the digital camera.


Digital Camera, Lens and Photoshop
The Digital Camera, Lens, and Photoshop CC


In the book "The Digital Camera, Lens, and Photoshop CC" you will learn how to properly photograph and apply post-production adjustments to a subject of interest such as the cover photo of the book and obtain similar results. Highlights and shadows are retained and depth of field helps to isolate the subject of interest from its surroundings.Cover photo: Antiques by Ed Ruth: Nikon D7100, Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8, 1/25s, f/5.6, ISO: 1000.

The Kindle books below were written by your photography teacher, who also created the book covers, photographs, and illustrations. Other Kindle books by your teacher include Camera, Lens, Light, and Color and Purchasing a Digital Camera.

Cover of Kindle book: Building Coffee Lake

For those who have purchased the book, supplementary information is available here: Illustrations and Photographs.

Please review and/or purchase my book using this link: "Building Coffee Lake"

Building Coffee Lake... A photographer NEEDS a fast and modern personal computer for storage and using Adobe Photoshop CC or DXO PhotoLab. Don't subject yourself to a "Big Box Store" computer... PLEASE! This book is a guide for both novices and practiced computer builders who wish to use modern, high-quality components that are not overpriced or uselessly exotic. This book covers the construction of an Intel Coffee Lake, Core i7-8700K CPU (using Intel's Z370 Coffee Lake chipset and an ASUS, Gigabyte, ASRock, or MSI motherboard's LGA 1151 Coffee Lake CPU socket) machine that is visually stunning, practical and powerful using components from major manufacturers that were very well received by computer builders. Alternatives are discussed and practical advice for new computer builders is provided. All you need is a screwdriver, this book, and a brain to build a computer that meets all YOUR specifications and is a joy to build and operate.

The cover for Building Coffee Lake was created by Ed Ruth using primary system (List 1) components suggested in the book. The system's 32GB of DDR4 RAM allowed me to run Windows 10 Pro, Photoshop CC using Eye Candy 7, Chrome web browser, CorelDRAW 2017, Microsoft Word, Corsair Link, Google Earth, Evernote, Norton 360, Malwarebytes, and a few other programs simultaneously without challenging system resources.

Cover of Kindle book: Laserjet and Inkjet Printers

Please review and/or purchase my book using this link: "Inkjet and Laserjet Printers"

Inkjet and Laserjet Printers Laserjet and Inkjet Printers: A Guide for Purchase and Color Printing: Getting the most for your money from your laserjet or inkjet purchase and use. This is my latest Kindle book and it is extremely valuable for those of us involved in the graphic arts and/or fine art printing. I have included a considerable amount of information for those contemplating the purchase of a new printer. If you are considering a multi-function printer (MFP), inkjet for fine art printing, a monochrome (black and shades of gray) printer, a CMYK laserjet printer or copier, this book will save you money. This book covers the use of four-color printing (CMYK) using a laserjet printer quite comprehensively. The book is well illustrated and contains a great deal of information useful to the graphic artist and photographer (see sample illustration below).

Qusetion: I want to print fine art photographs using Photoshop and a professional Epson photo printer. Will this book help me?

Answer: Yes it will. It will aid you with your Photoshop workflow, color correction, and understanding print options.

Qusetion: I need a printer for my small but busy office but I am very frugal. Will this 179 page Kindle book, complete with numerous illustrations, help me?

Answer: How good of you to ask! Yes, this book provides information for buying right and operating more efficiently.

Dinosaur Cove California

Dinosaur Cove, California. Using Nikon D810 and Sigma 24-35mm lens.

CMYK: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black

Laserjet and inkjet printers from $40 to $40,000 very often use CMYK, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black toner or ink. More sophisticated printers use these colors more effectively and economically.

A hike in the Santa Monica Mountains National Park

Santa Monica Mountains National Park

A unique perspective is essential to photography.
Greek vase

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