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Obtaining a powerful computer for professional work can be a shopping challenge. And, while you can order a pre-built computer, this never seems to include exactly what a demanding professional really needs. Building your own computer is a realistic alternative. Not only can you choose components that match your work, the learning experience deepens your understanding of the digital world. The Intel Core i7-8700K CPU is the heart of a photography professional's modern high-performance computer. My book shows you just what to buy, including alternatives, and how to put it all together while enjoying the process.

Why building your own computer is wise for the photography professional...

A few photographs and illustrations

Diagram of a modern Intel ATX motherboard

After you review a few motherboards and get to know them, you will understand where everything goes

For a larger view

ASUS makes populating the panel header with a computer case's cables easy.

ASUS makes populating the panel header with a computer case's cables easy...

SATAdata and power connections

SATA connections must be made secure!

My book guides you through....

  • Selecting quality components
  • Three lists of components for computers at various price ranges
  • Why any particular component is a wise choice
  • Why compromising on component quality is a bad long-term strategy
  • How to organize yourself for the build
  • How components actually fit together
  • What not to do and what PRECISELY to do
  • How to cool the CPU
  • All about video cards of various prices
  • What a photographer needs vs. what a "gamer" needs
  • Complete description of UEFI BIOS and why it is important
  • Description of motherboards and how to inspect this critical component upon arrival
  • Step by step computer component installation guide
  • Trouble shooting guide
  • Best practices for computer construction
  • Easy to read book and only $9.95
  • Available in Kindle format for as many devices as you care to use the book on

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